Sell Your Car FAQ's

Sell Your Car FAQ's

Will you collect my car?
Yes we will. When they contact you to collection a buyer will come to you and everything can be completed at your home or place of work etc.

What should I expect to happen on the day of an appointment?

  • One of our Buying assistants will contact you so that you know where to find us and who will be looking after you.
  • On the day our buying assistant will invite you to join them appraising and driving your car.
  • Our buying assistant will then send all of this information to our Sell Your Car buying team.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • Your car - It may sound obvious, but to be able to appraise your car we'll need to see it. You will also need to be able to get your car to the appointment.
  • The V5 logbook/registration certificate - This must be registered in the name of the current keeper. If the V5 logbook/registration certificate is still in the owner's maiden name, you will need to bring a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Photo ID -accepted forms are Passport, warrant card or Drivers licence.
  • Proof of address - accepted forms include a utility bill, Bank Statement, credit card statement or council tax letter dated within the last 3 months. These must match the name and address on the vehicle logbook.
  • All service history and MOT certificates if available.
  • Both sets of car keys. Unless you've told us otherwise, the valuation provided assumes you have 2 sets of keys for your vehicle. If you've only got 1 key, the price we offer you after inspection may be reduced.
  • Any extra items relating to your car. Such as Satellite Navigation disk or memory card, owners manuals, the locking wheel nut key if fitted key codes etc
  • Finally your Bank details so that we can pay you for your car. The account has to be in the name of the registered keeper.

Is there a transaction or Administration fee?
Certainly not. Unlike some other car buying services, there is no transaction fee if you decide to sell to us regardless of the value of your car.

Do I leave my car with you if I agree to sell?
Yes. Once you've agreed to sell your car to us you will leave your car with your buying assistant, who will organise your payment. So you will need to organise getting home, or we can arrange for a local taxi to come and collect you, just ask your buying assistant.

Can I sell a car on behalf of someone who is deceased?
Yes, however there are different types of documentation required depending on your individual circumstance. To help you through this process please contact one of our team on 0191 385 4162.

I have a private plate on my car, can I still sell it?
We're happy to buy your car with its private plate still on. However in the more likely event that you want to keep your plate, it's easy to reassign it to another car or put it on retention. This would need to be done prior to selling your car to us to find out more about your personalised registration please visit the DVLA website on

I have outstanding finance. Can you still buy my car?
Of course. We deal with finance settlements every day, so can arrange the settlement of your current agreement. Our buying assistants will guide you through this process on the day.

I've lost my V5
We are unable to purchase any car without the original V5 document/logbook. If you do not have one you can obtain a replacement from the DVLA via the following link.